Math Slide “Addition +”


Math Slide Addition in Android Play Store

Math Slide Addition + ( math workout) is a free game offering mental calculations to calculate as fast as possible ! The best brain training math workout !

This is a very good training for simple additions, with this free mental arithmetic game, you can calculate at the speed of a calculator, no operation will stop you.


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Math Slide Addition + (mental addition) never will be easier after try this game !

It’s a perfect math workout game for adults and kids, people who want to evaluate the basics of math (addition) and have fun in same time.


  • Multiple difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • GET THE BEST TIME Several series, 10, 20, 50, or at the option of the user!.
  • Type of test: + ADDITION.
  • History latest scores
  • More number selected for the addition operation, more point added to your score

Try ,Math Slide Addition +, the mental arithmetic (math workout) and become the best !

Turn your brain into a real calculator 😉
Mental Arithmetic (math workout) send data to our server to identify you on rankings.


French, English and arabic